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An Interview with Ouida: 15 Year Work Anniversary!

This month Ouida Plaisance is celebrating her 15 year anniversary working at Crosby Energy Services. In this post, we ask Quida a few questions about the last 15 years…

Please tell us a few things about you and your family?
I have been married to my husband Ronnie for 45 years.  With Ronnie being a musician we were able to tour the country for several years before we started our family. We have two daughters Kristie, now 43 and Paul 29, a big gap I know, I don’t know what we were thinking. We’ve lived in Houma, Cut Off, Murfreesboro, TN, and Pensacola, Florida.  We go to Memphis, TN every chance we get to visit our daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters, Jillian -11 and Allison -9.

What are your hobbies?
I have also been called a “Roadie/Groupie” for most of my life, a job that has provided me with so many wonderful experiences.  Being a wife, mom and “Nana” takes up most of the time and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  My greatest joy is undeniably my family.

Do you remember your first day?
My first day was overwhelming as most first days are, however, everyone at the company offered me any help they could give me from their areas.

What were you first hired to do?
Initially, I was hired to handle all aspects of Benefits as well as Billing.  I would do everything from calculating and paying our insurance provider portions to sit down with each new hire and going over each page of their benefits package with them. A great opportunity to get to know employees.  I also did all the billing for the company, at that time we provided contract labor for 5 vendors.

How many people in the office back then?
If memory serves me correctly, C & D Production as we were called had 8 employees in Accounting and Production.

How has your job changed over the years?
As the company grew I was given the opportunity to choose Benefits or Billing and I chose Billing.  Since that time the billing department has grown from being a 2 1/2 day a week job for one person to a department of 6.

What has been your biggest achievement/success?
Challenges – With the growth of the company we were expected to learn and execute countless different Billing Programs and different Billing Styles per each customer.  With challenges comes accomplishments and success.

What do you like best about working here?
I love my “Work Family”!  I have a support system that over the years, has shared my joys and helped me through my lows.  I absolutely love being able to start my day off with devotion, what a privilege.  I am thankful for the growth and the knowledge I have acquired, and if I am completely honest the fact that I live down the street from the office has been a big plus.




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Congratulations Omar Olivo!

Shell awarded Omar Goalie of the month and the quarter for identifying a potential hazard.

Omar was at a well doing a separator cleanout. He noticed an operator doing the LOTO had a green hat, he called the lead operator and verified that the operator was not certified to perform the LOTO. The lead operator went over to the location, and step by step went over the process and all the permits with the green hard hat EE.

Omar received $500 from Shell and $500 Crosby match, for a total of $1000.00

Great Job, Omar!


Goalie award Omar Olivo

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CES Award Recipient











Aaron Bean

Congratulations, Aaron Bean! BSEE has recognized him with one of their coins for outstanding performance during an annual inspection. The inspectors were very impressed with his knowledge and hands-on experience. In addition, he has received the CES Safety Award for excellence in safety, along with a $50 gift card and CES Excellence shirt. Aaron works at Cox-SMI 236, Tiger Shoals


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Press Release


safe driving logo

Crosby Energy Services launches a new safe driving campaign
“Safe Driving Matters”

Kermit, TX November 2018– Crosby Energy Services launches a driver safety awareness initiative called Safe Driving Matters, aimed at reducing incidents and saving lives. Ed Thomas, General Manager at Crosby Energy Services will play a key role in promoting the campaign throughout the region. “I spend most of my days on the roads and highways in the Midland/Odessa area, and I know that getting back to the basics will save lives”

“This campaign is a wake-up call to our employees that safe driving matters,” said Rick Koch HSE Director for Crosby Energy Services. As a safety professional, Rick has seen firsthand the devastating impact of unsafe driving. “Traffic accidents and fatalities affect everyone in the community. It is the responsibility of everyone that gets behind the wheel to take into account the safety of themselves and others.”

Rick has responded to many emergencies throughout Crosby Energy Services locations – many related to impaired and distracted driving. As the spokesperson, he will promote and share important safety messages with employees through internal email platforms, social media, and the Crosby Energy Services HSE web page.

About Safe Driving Matters
Safe Driving Matters is a Crosby Energy Services internal awareness program aimed at saving lives by changing the culture of our employees’ driving in the Midland/Odessa area. The program is a self-sustaining driver safety awareness program in Midland/Odessa area. To learn more about Safe Driving Matters, please visit our page at

About Crosby Energy Services
Founded as C&D Wireline in 1968, Crosby Energy Services is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise National Council member (WBENC) that has established itself as an industry leader, providing exceptional service to oil and gas producing companies across the Gulf of Mexico and North America. We strive to hold ourselves to the highest standards of conduct in all aspects of our business and remain vigilant toward safety, health, and the environment. For more information, visit www.crosbyenergy.com

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Congratulations Bobby McLaughlin

Bobby works in PA and won the Personal Best Award for saving our client money on parts for 2” motor valves. He researched and implemented them buying seal kits (for rebuilds) for $200 instead of them buying the entire motor valves for $800–saving them $600 each time.

Great Job Bobby!

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Congratulations Reece and Kyle

387 components tested with no INC! Stupendous!!

Reece Bazor and Kyle Reed_INC

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Darren Altazan receives CES award (Crosby Excellence in Safety)










Darren receives a gift card

for excellence in safety!

Darren was visiting another platform and noticed that one of the regulator gauges on the acetylene bottles was broken. Because there was no way to determine the pressure, Darren removed the bottles from active to inactive status.


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Jeremy Pullen Wins Shell’s Goalie Award







Goalie of The Month for June 2018

Congratulations to Crosby Energy Services’ employee Jeremy Pullen who was awarded Goalie of the month by Shell for identifying a hazardous piece of equipment.

While grounding tanks on a Shell flow back rig up job, CES Supervisor Jeremy Pullen performed a walk-thru inspection of all equipment. Jeremy noticed the inspection dates on the bands of the flow lines were expired. Also, during his inspection of the equipment, he noticed brass valves installed on a separator. Brass valves are banned on all equipment utilized on all Shell locations due to their lower psi rating. Jeremy utilized his “Stop Work Authority” and contacted the right personnel to notify them of his findings and had all the expired equipment switched out. Jeremy also replaced all the brass valves with approved ones.


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Travis Johnson Wins Shell’s Goalie Award—Three Times Over!

Travis Johnson Clipped_V1

Crosby Employee Recognized as Winner for the Month, Quarter and Year

Congratulations to Travis Johnson for outstanding work and forward thinking—a combination that saved lives! Travis was working in the Permian Basin when he was called to respond to a power outage on PME 53. When Travis arrived at the site he noticed that all three line fuses were blown. But before replacing the fuses, he decided to travel the line to see make certain there weren’t any downed power lines further along.
Travis was ten miles down the line and into the University lease and noticed a bucket truck with two men in the air and four men on the ground. All were working around a broken power pole. Travis interviewed the men and discovered that another oil company had struck and broken the power pole while moving a rig. The other electricians had been called in to repair the pole—but without notifying Shell that there was a problem.
If Travis had not had the foresight and initiative to travel the power line, his own repair work could have resulted in a fatality.
This forward thinking has earned him Shell’s Goalie Award for not just the month, but for the quarter … and the year! The Goalie program is designed to recognize Upstream Americas Onshore Gas employees and contractors who take proper and proactive steps to ensure the healthiest, safest, most secure and most environmentally friendly operation possible. Congrats, Travis. We are all very proud of you!

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Jeff Brex July Safety Goalie Award

Jeff recognized a potential hazard while preforming normal maintenance: Vibration on gas engines caused the exhaust pipe to move pointing into the direction of the fuel pot.

Jeff stopped the job until the exhaust pipe could be repositioned and secured. Thank you Jeff for your quick and decisive action.

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