Roger Kearnes is celebrating 11 years with Crosby Energy Services. 

I asked Roger if I could interview him about his career, and with Roger’s classic northerner response, he said
‘You Betcha”…

What are your hobbies?
Golf weather permitting, visiting new places to paddleboard, spending as must time Face timing with my three grandchildren. And of course, spending time with those friends with boats or snowmobiles, I am always up for a good time. And now that the gyms are open again, I’m getting started back into that.

How did you get started in this business?
I was working as the Operations Manager for Lowes home improvement (worked my way up from the bottom “17 years”), but I wanted to move my life in another direction, so I applied for a position with C&D Production. I did a skype interview with Rob Juul and Mike Crosby, and after maybe a week, I was hired. I started as an HSE Manager/Payroll/Assistant Manager/Accounts for our area. Not long after, my Operations Manager resigned, so I took advantage of the opportunity and proved to everyone in the Cutoff office that I could do this job and not fail. Obviously, they had the right person for the job.

Do you remember your first day at Crosby?
I do. At first, I was overwhelmed, but when things started coming into play, and with a lot of help from the office, I quickly got a handle on things.

What has been your biggest challenge?
Weather-SNOW is about my biggest challenge. If you don’t like it, wait 5 minutes, and it will change. I have been in some very hair-raising situations throughout my career with Crosby driving on various highways, especially Interstate 80. The wind blows here all year round, and with snowdrifts 3 feet high.
Another challenge is making sure we hire people looking for long-term employment and not just here to collect a paycheck. I guess these days, this is a universal problem.

What advice would you have for other employees facing similar challenges?
Take your time selecting the right person for the job. Ask yourself if you would want this person working for you directly or if you owned this business would you spend all this money to hire, train and develop this person.

What is your best work memory?
Meeting my wife, Tammy !! We had operators working for shell in Colorado when they were doing exploration there. While staying at the Holiday inn for weeks on in, she would always be my waitress. She knew I had an Ice tea with lemon, and as soon as I sat down at the table, she would bring it.

Well, I kept on telling myself I would never date someone working in a Bar/restaurant, but as fate would have it, we started dating. However, she still had to make it through the process of approval. The first would be my Daughters, of course. Next is my personnel Manager Jayme. I bet you are asking why Jayme? Since Jayme started ten years ago, we have been in each other’s corners ( the right hand always knows what the left hand is doing). Then we had a golf tournament in Pinedale, WY, that Mike Crosby, his wife, Rob Juul, and his wife attended, so they got to meet Tammy first hand. They both really liked her, and later on, Rob Juul attended our wedding in Colorado. Tammy and I have been married for five years. So it is obvious… we are all family here at Crosby.

What do you like best about working here?
Everyone throughout the company is like family. You are not just a number. The Crosby Family knows how to treat their employees and retain them.

What advice do you give someone starting out in this business?
Work hard and have a vision for success, even through challenging times. Never tell a customer NO because somebody out there is willing to tell them YES. Always have a plan. Treat your employees with respect, as you would want to be treated. Lastly, get to know your employees and build your inner circle.


Add any additional comments:
I would like to say THANK YOU, Jayme. She has been a big part of our business out here. Jayme has done many things behind the scene. We have worked together for ten years with ups and downs but have always managed to pull it all together.