This January, Ed is celebrating 15 years with Crosby Energy Services and 54 years in the Oil and Gas business. “Ed Thomas has been an essential part of our organization’s journey and success. I am eternally grateful for the dedication and passion he has shown,” stated Mike Crosby

In this post, we ask Ed a few questions about his career…

Can you tell me a few things about you and your family?
Sarah and I celebrated 54 years of marriage this past October. We are thankful that the lord has granted us these years together. We have been blessed with two children, Dee and Dajuan, additionally. We have 5 grandchildren of which we are so proud.

What are your hobbies?
Golf has been my only Hobby, however: due to back problems, that’s not an option. I also enjoy spending time with family and traveling.

How did you get started in this business?
I began working in the Oilfield for Kerr McGee in 1967, then went to work for Shell Oil and retired after 31 years. This was great training grounds.

Do you remember your first day at Crosby? What was it like back then?
Very interesting question; C&D/Crosby did not have any onshore operations. I was asked by (Bobby St Pierre) if I was interested in working for C&D back then. My immediate response was, “Work” I had been retired for 6years, and I really wasn’t interested in working. I asked what the job expectations were. They said to call on Shell out in Granbury, Texas, take them to lunch and play a little golf with the customers. So I am thinking I play golf every day because I was marshaling at a golf course and was definitely eating. So you are going to pay me to do that. When I started calling on other companies, it was a challenge because most of my career, I was on the other side of the desk where people were calling on me. But it did not take me long to catch on.

How many people in the office back then?
I was initially a one-man show, and I worked out of my house, used hotel rooms to conduct interviews, and hired people. Years later, as the business grew, Mike wanted to set up an office. We had a total of 3 people to handle recruiting, hiring, buying trucks, tools, and HSE. It has come a long way.

What has been your biggest challenge?
Trying to cover a large region and keep up with clients that change constantly.

What do you like best about working here?
It’s hands down the family and small company environment. It doesn’t take long to get decisions made.  

What advice do you give someone starting out in this business?
Be patient, build relationships, maintain those relationships, and operate ethically. Note: If you don’t like what’s happening today, it will change tomorrow.

Crosby is a good family-owned company, and they care about their people. I can tell you; I have been treated like family for years. It was not an easy task growing the onshore business, and it took a lot of help from the Larose office staff. Mike Crosby spent a lot of time with me traveling to North La, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico; most of it was driving. We really got to know and respect each other.

The question I often get is when will I retire; the answer is when I become non-productive.