“Crosby Excellence in Safety” Program

At Crosby Energy Services, we don’t just emphasize employee safety: we recognize and reward it. The “Crosby Excellence in Safety” award celebrates those employees who best exemplify our core safety values and who have gone above and beyond in resolving potentially high-risk workplace hazards to protect themselves, their fellow employees, their job site, and the environment.

Crosby Energy Services always adheres to the highest standards of conduct in all aspects of our business while maintaining vigilance toward the safety, health and well-being of all of our fellow employees and the protection of the environment for future generations. The following employees are a model of our commitment to safety.


CES Award Recipient

Reece Bazor

Reece Bazor is receiving this CES Safety Award for excellence in safety awareness. Reece identified and corrected a vent line that could have been a human hazard or environmental issue. Reece and his crew became aware of the problem and took corrective action to properly dispose of any vented materials from the pumps in question. 

CES Award Recipient

Byron Mouton

A Hand was fixing a chemical leak with cloth gloves so, Byron stopped him and told him to put on rubber gloves. Byron also explained to him chemicals could result in hazards and he should read and follow instructions on the SDS before dealing with any type of chemicals, here or anywhere.

CES Award Recipient

Jackson Roberts

Jackson Roberts is receiving this CES Safety Award for excellence in safety awareness. When offloading/backloading a boat, when they rigged up to a cargo box and snugged up the line, Jackson noticed the sling cables were tangled at the D-Ring, he told the crane operator to come down to unhook the box, corrected the slings and then hooked back up to backload the cargo box.

CES Award Recipient

Aaron Bean

Congratulations, Aaron Bean! BSEE has recognized him with one of their coins for outstanding performance during an annual inspection. The inspectors were very impressed with his knowledge and hands-on experience. In addition, he has received the CES Safety Award for excellence in safety, along with a $50 gift card and CES Excellence shirt. Aaron works at Cox-SMI 236, Tiger Shoals

CES Award Recipient

Travis Freeman

Travis Freeman is receiving this CES Safety Award for excellence in safety awareness. During crew change Travis found a scaffolding barricade blocking a stationary fire monitor and a 300lb wheel unit fire extinguisher. The barricade did not need to be there and should have been removed. Travis was presented with this certificate, shirt and $50.00 in the Crosby rewards store. Great Job Travis!

January 2019 CES Award Recipient

Levi Gardner

Levi received the award for a good driver scorecard. 2,651 Miles driven with 0 infractions

January 2019 CES Award Recipient

Kevin Morgan

Kevin Morgan is receiving this CES Safety Award for excellence in safety awareness. While working for Shell, in Tioga, PA, Kevin Morgan noticed a restraint on a flow line was not attached properly prior to a pressure test. Kevin stopped and reattached the restraint properly. Kevin also communicated proper restraint installation with the crew, and the importance of walking down and checking your lines.

February 2019 CES Award Recipient

Steven Sanders

While Steven was out in the Pinedale Energy Partners field working on his wells he came across a hole being covered by a snow drift. He went on to uncover the hold then place caution tape all around the hole. That way no one would step into the hole and hurt themselves. We presented Steven with a $25.00 gift card to a local restaurant. Great Job Steven!

February 2019 CES Award Recipient

Rodrigo Villalobos-Chavez

Rodrigo Villalobos-Chavez or Oscar as he likes to be called, drove a total of 1800 miles and scored 98.8%.